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A hub for the financial markets

Set up in early 2019 Happy Finances is a hub for all new, important and valuable information regarding the financial markets, pensions and everything that can affect the average working person. 

The world is an ever-changing, complicated environment and the financial sphere is the same. With economic uncertainty here in the UK while Theresa May faces battles on multiple fronts and over-seas in the US the threat of Donald Trump twitter rampages continues, Happy Finances aims to push out all of this white noise and offer some clarity on the more important things that can affect your finances. 

Our clients say

We have over ten years of experience in making people happy with finances. 

Kevin Smith

Happy Finances were great at evaluating my pensions provision and providing investment advice for the future.

Melina Matsouk

No pressure, no hard sell, just listening to my circumstances and needs with recommended courses of action.