Meet Josh Exley

Hello, I’m Josh Exley the financial adviser and pension specialist behind the scenes of Happy Finances. 

I figured out very early on that I enjoy talking to new people, I’m naturally good with numbers and I can make money on the stock market – and most importantly I enjoy it each of them.

The passion I had in these key areas instinctively lead me down the path to the financial world, where my first position was as a Stockbroker at the age of 23. 


Having a passion for the financial markets and a hunger to be the best in my field I was quickly responsible for millions of pounds of clients’ money from only a couple of years in the industry. 

As a stockbroker, the aspect I enjoyed the most was seeing clients and helping them, which was few and far between as the majority of my time was spent behind four screens analysing the market, looking for opportunities and rebalances clients’ portfolios.

Fast forward

Fast forward 5 years and now the majority of my time is doing what I love, seeing new and existing clients every day helping them with their finances. With the use of my simple, long-term investment philosophy I am able to support each of my clients on route to financial success and wellbeing. 

Most recently, in 2017 I took the leap to become self-employed and now work with a company based in Reading UK, where I was taken on board to help their existing clients with the use of my expertise in pensions and long-term investment planning and simultaneously build my own portfolio of clients around the UK. 


CII Diploma in Financial Planning, CII Financial Planning Certificate, CII Certificate in Pension Transfer Advice, CISI Investment Advice Diploma, First Class Degree – International Accounting & Finance.